World Goth Day 2019

🕸️Happy World Goth Day 🦇
Most people think goth music is sad, which is not deliberately true. To me, being goth means nothing and everything at the same time, it’s a way of approaching existence. To love the colour black, to have a certain relationship with death doesn’t mean to live a life filled with sadness to the brim.
I love all the music that gives me emotions, regardless of the genre. I have a natural propensity for a certain aesthetic, and it’s simply a matter of taste. I don’t deny that I was influenced by The Cure, Joy Division and David Bowie during adolescence, but I can’t say how much these artists changed me or how they simply helped me find my template through their songs. The only thing I know for sure is that these bands have been and are the perfect soundtrack to my general mood. Everyone has their reasons for following and loving this genre and when I’m in a club, and the DJ spins the right songs, and people start dancing in these cloaked aisles I feel good.
Sometimes I heard the goth scene is dying, I don’t think so. Around the world I found so many people who play, support and love the genre, perhaps for the same reasons as mine, or any other. What matters the most is that goths and wavers are still there and keep this wonderful subculture alive.
Goth is not dead. It’s indeed more alive than ever.

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