2017 Statement

The fourth year of Ash Code is over.

We started this project as a game uploading just two songs made in a bedroom and we would never have thought of making records or tours around the world.

It wasn’t easy to arrive here, the music industry has collapsed and it is difficult to emerge from the crowd, even if you have something interesting to offer.

And to be an independent band, is like a fulltime job, we have to take care of every aspect personally, from the creation of the songs to the printing of the merchandising…yes It’s good to have complete control but it wears you out taking time away from the creation process.

Luckily since the beginning we met on the way people who believed in the project helping us a lot and to them goes our complete gratitude.
What awaits us in the new year? We’re booking festivals and clubs and a new LP will probably see the light in the middle of the year….

We want to thank one by one who supported us by attending our gigs, buying LP’s or merch, but even who listened to our songs on YouTube / Spotify spreading our music on social networks…keep it up, you are our strength!

We feel like we are a big family and without your love Ash Code would never have existed.

Thank you ❤️

© Ash Code 2019